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Top and Best Yoga Mat Towel in India 2021

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  • Premium quality: Made from 100% microfiber with international technique DTY.
  • Nonslip design: With silicone sticky flower bumps design and super absorbent material, IRIS yoga towel lets you stick your sweaty hands down and keep them in place, never worry about a sliding
  • Super absorbent & no bleeding of the color: Made with ultra-lightweight, moisture-wicking microfiber, this yoga towel outperforms ordinary cotton or polyester towels
  • Perfect size: This 72 x 24 inches yoga towel is the perfect size for any yoga mat


Top and Best Yoga Mat Towel in India 2021

For practitioners and lovers of yoga, a top and best yoga mat towel are not only useful but really is a must-have item. These skid-free or non-slip yoga mat towels will allow you to perform your yoga without having to worry about slipping and falling when placed on your yoga mat before starting a session.

Yoga mat towels are specifically designed to help you avoid slipping and keep your area clean and dry during your yoga sessions. So, for a small investment, you can greatly enhance your yoga experience and take your yoga to the next level and best of all, these towels can last a lifetime!

When purchasing a yoga mat towel, you should consider the cost, reputation, and strengths and weaknesses of the towel before making any purchases. You should also consider the size you need to work effectively with your yoga mat, as these yoga mat towels come in several different sizes.

You’ll want to prioritize yoga mat towels made from high-quality materials. This is because you will always perspire during yoga sessions and these yoga mat towels should be able to absorb most of that sweat. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid unpleasant odors from this perspiration, so you’ll need a towel that is capable of withstanding regular washing.

Yoga mat towel costs range from as low as Rs 999 to over Rs 2000, depending on the quality, material, and strength of the towel, as well as the brand or manufacturer.

One of the best yoga mat towels available is the Yogitoes Skidless Premium Yoga Mat Towel, which was specifically created to prevent slipping while practicing yoga. This towel works intuitively – just lay the side with the eco-friendly silicone bumps face down on your yoga mat. Once you distribute your weight in a yoga pose, the eco-friendly bumps begin to grip the mat, thus preventing your hands or feet from slipping in the middle of the stretch.

This towel is 80 percent polyester and 20 percent nylon, making it super absorbent and putting a hygienic layer between you and your exercise gear. The towel is also machine washable and tumbles dry (it’s designed to dry fast), making it perfect for travel and measuring 24 by 68 inches.



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